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Stop out-of-control
pharmacy spending
before it starts…

Your Data. Our Platform. Big Savings.

We work with your PBM

We will work with your Prescription Benefits Manager (PBM) on your behalf to produce immediate and long-term savings for you and for your employees. All we need is access to your data feed.

You save $$$

Our proprietary system analyzes your current formulary, approvals structure, and pharmacy spend. Our subsequent recommendations typically generate massive savings in 90 days (or less).

Your employees benefit

We provide your employees a tremendous new benefit. Each employee will receive periodic reports detailing exactly how they can save hundreds of dollars at the pharmacy counter.

Speak With One of Our Experts

Call us for a free data review (or submit this form) and we’ll show you exactly how much you could save.

All we need is access to your PBM data to deliver actionable recommendations and immediate savings. You make the call; we do the rest.

Case Study Aviation Giant Saves Big $$$

A Fortune 500 maker of luxury business jets partnered with Scripta to undertake a five year initiative to address rising healthcare costs. The results speak for themselves.

Fortune 500 company



million dollars in savings

“Working with Scripta has opened my eyes to the games that the drugmakers play and the dollars to be saved in staying one step ahead.”

Lee Smith

Chatham County

“Scripta’s consulting services provided a meaningful and positive impact on the health of our co-workers.”

Steve Pound

St. Joseph's Candler Health System

“The best health care models involve true partnerships between provider and the patient, with a focus on wellness and preventative medicine… Scripta’s cutting-edge efforts in this area are generating great benefits both for corporations and their employees.”

Mark Murphy


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