Not just auditing... action.

Transparency + Vigilance + Intelligence + Control = Savings

Most PBMs are enormous companies with over $100 billion in sales. They give you lots of reports in the name of transparency.  But they are not actionable.  You are overwhelmed with data, but get no useful insights.  That all changes with Scripta.

Our unique technology can analyze every pharmacy transaction, compare it to your PBM contract, and to our proprietary Medicine Mapping & Pricing Database. The Result? We typically find a savings opportunity of 30+%

Scripta’s Technology Puts You Back In Control

A proprietary database updated every day.

Our panel of 60+ doctors and pharmacists constantly updates our exclusive Medicine Mapping & Pricing Database whenever there is a change in the market—enabling us to identify unparalleled prescription savings opportunities.

Don’t my consultant and PBM already do this?


Your PBM has no incentive to do this.  Remember, they are enormous public companies.  Their fiduciary duty is to their shareholders, not to you.


You don’t get the best deal.  You get the best deal you could negotiate.


Your consultant tries to do this, but they have never had a tool like this before.  Currently, there is no way to do the type of analysis we do as regularly, efficiently, and effectively.  We are your consultant’s secret weapon.

Employee Empowerment

We give your employees the information they need to save money.

High deductible plans are supposed to make employees ‘smarter consumers’.  By making better choices, they save money for both themselves, and the company.

However, without the right tools, how is an employee supposed to make better decisions?

Introducing the Scripta Savings Report

Now, you can provide a report to your employees to help them make better decisions and save money.  This report will show potential savings options for each drug they take, and even show exactly how much they can save every year!  Here’s a sample report:

Consulting Services from Scripta

Our data, knowledge, and insights can save you millions on your next PBM contract.

Scripta’s team has been analyzing PBM contracts for nearly a decade.  We know where to look to find savings.  We know which rocks to turn over.  We understand the games PBMs play.  And we can help you make sure you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes most companies make when reviewing and negotiating a PBM contract.

Armed with insights derived from our best-in-class technology, we know exactly what the needs are for your company, where your spend opportunities are, and how to recommend contract language that allows you to attack those areas.

Let's Talk

Speak with a Savings Expert and find out how much you can save…

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