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Scripta’s Proprietary Technology Changes the Game

Our proprietary technology platform delivers constant, consistent vigilance, enabling us to identify unnecessary over-spending and stop it.

The market changes every day. New drugs, rigid formularies, and constantly-changing usage patterns make it impossible for PBMs and consultants to continually monitor usage and control costs.

It’s not just auditing.
We take action.

The result? Our clients regain control over their pharmacy spend and save millions.

Our secret? In addition to our proprietary platform, our panel of 60+ doctors and pharmacists constantly updates our exclusive Medicine Mapping & Pricing Database whenever there is a change in the market—enabling us to identify unparalleled prescription savings opportunities.
Working with Scripta has opened my eyes to the games that the drugmakers play and the dollars to be saved in staying one step ahead.


Lee Smith,

Chatham County, Georgia

— Case Study —

Aviation Giant Saves Big $$$

A Fortune 500 maker of luxury business jets partnered with Scripta for a five year initiative to address rising healthcare costs. The results speak for themselves.

Fortune 500 company



million dollars in savings

I saved more than $20 per month!  It was easy, and I was happy to have the extra cash!
Margaret G.,

County Employee

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